Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Greenie

Well as some of you might know, a couple of weeks ago we received two new missionary. One Elder McNaughton has been out a year and the other Elder Bailey has been out a month. When we had them over for dinner Elder Bailey was only out 3 days, so with any "greenie" we give them a "greenie" dinner. It might look awful, yet it taste great.

Kids' Favorite Christmas gift

I started this about three years ago and now the children ask for them. What I did was make a coupon book. There is probably about 20 coupons for each kids. They range from... Day off of school, day off of chores, Game of your choosing, 1 hour reading in bed, 1 hr of computer or TV games, pick a movie with popcorn, choose a snack at the store, day at the park, day at the library, etc... then it moves up to bigger and better things. Cold stone, Golden Corral, Magazine subscription, craft item, cookie session. You are getting the idea. I have some that have dates on when they can use them, so they are spread out through out the year. Otherwise they would use them up the first month...ok week!
I make these into small business size cards and use cement glue on one side, so they can peel off a card, one at a time. I then put them in their stockings.
I asked the kids one Christmas what their favorite gift was and all of them said "The coupon book".

Friday, November 28, 2008

Winner of Giveaway!!!

OK, I havn't posted for awhile. I figured why post if no one is reading it. Well it is time to announce the winner of the Giveaway!

This giveaway was a sad one. I only had two people resond to my giveaway.

So, Drum roll please......................

The winner is..............................

Connie and Rosie
Since you were the only ones who posted, you both win. I will be getting them done this week and will give them to you next Sunday. Thanks for playing. I really enjoyed reading about your home-made gifts.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas Ideas

Last year I made everyone a fleece jacket. I should of made Brandon's bigger as he has already out grown his. They were all different. I enjoyed making these.

Every Christmas Eve they are able to open up on gift...and of course they are pajamas. I remember doing this as a kid. I was always so excited to go to sleep (ok, tried) on Christmas Eve in my new pajamas. Here are the kids modeling theirs. David and I also get some.

This last year is where the coloring purse/tote started. I made it for Eilish on Christmas and later figured more people would probably like one for their kids. She uses hers all the time.

I will have more ideas later.

Weaving Project

Eilish decided she wanted to learn to weave. So, we bought this kit that makes pot holders. Remember these? I had one when I was a little girl. She was so proud of herself. She did a wonderful job. My little girl is growing up.

Boys with their Legos

For school the boys ordered Legos kits. Nephi's kit comes with lots of different projects to make. It comes with a workbook, in which he does experiments with each one and explains his results. Brandon's is more complicated. His is a Robot in which he programs on the computer and this guy will do a bunch of different things. I remember trying to get the kids interested in Legos when they were little and they wanted nothing to do with them. Now, I can't get them to stop playing with them. They love to build and use their imaginations.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Blog

I have been told, that Eilish's hair designs were taking too much room. So, I have created a new blog just for her hair. Not that anyone will see it as I have had less than a handful of comments since I started this blog a couple of months ago. I some times wonder why I am blogging as I feel I am the only one on this site. It's not like I have nothing better to do with my life.
Oh, just in case you would like to look at Eilish's blog you may go to .

Thursday, November 6, 2008

GIVEAWAY / Home-Made Christmas Ideas

Ok, Christmas is coming and time to start picking brains for gift ideas. I have some thing this year picked out (can't tell as until after Christmas as I have eyes all around me), yet I am going to start early for next year.

For every idea you tell me (must be home-made and one comment per day), you will get your name put in for a drawing. So if you tell me 4 different ideas for home-made gifts (each a separate day), you will have your name in the drawing 4 times. The drawing will be closed on November 27th (Thanksgiving) at midnight. Next day the winner will be announced. The winner will receive a S'more kit, personalized. Color is subject to change and food is not included. It does come with 2 toasting forks.

I will also share what I have done in the past. Now this is "home-made" gifts. I don't care for the store bought as anyone can do that. Not a lot of thought process there.

Here is mine.
I will share one once a week. I guess I will start out with our funniest, most successful one.

One year I was stuck on what to do. It was already Nov and I had no idea. A friend of mine ( who is VERY creative) suggested doing a castle as the boys had a bunk bed. The since we do new P.J's each year I decided to make Knight P.J's for the boys and Eilish had a princess nightgown (you will see in the pictures). Then I thought it would be lots of fun to have a long cape/blanket for them to play with and if you have a cape you need a shield/pillow and of course, if you have a shield you need a sword/pillow.

Here he is being tough. You know knights have to be tough.

Now it is your turn to give me some ideas. I can't wait!!!

Hair today, Gone tomorrow

This first style is another one of my favorites. I am thinking, this might win out for her "Christmas dress" hair style. The last one was also fun. This is where Cub Scouting comes in as I tied her hair (on top) in square knots. I received "2 thumbs up" on both these doos.

Sorry, this picture is not the best.

Home Ed. Project

Here is some pictures of Nephi working on a Home Ed. project. He did really well. Take a look.

The "Sweeper" pads cost so much that we decided to make our own. Soild for sweeping and print for mopping. We will have 7 of each on hand. If you know anyone who uses these, this would make a great Christmas present. Let's give Nephi an A+ for the day!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

This is not the greatest at all. The only reason I am posting this one, is because she did receive some compliments. I realize, if I want to do a "new" style then I need to try it on any day but Sunday. Time is limited. So after starting acouple of styles I ran out of time and just throw something together.
With all these blogs I should make her own page yet I am not one for describing and giving directions on what I did. Let me know if I should have a different place just for her hair.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Best of Both Worlds

Here is a wonderful hairstyle, in which you can have long or short hair. I love the coils on the side. The back hair is not the greatest. I could of done better. This is by far one of my favorites. Tell us what you think.