Saturday, May 16, 2009

You've been Tagged!

O.K. I was tagged by Becca from,, with,
What is the 6 (un)important things that makes you happy?

So, here is my list;

The sound of a baby laughing.

Beautiful landscapes of all kinds.

Good music, from the Osmonds, to classicals, to 50's, to church. Music lifts my spirits.

The warmth of the sunshine. Just the thought makes me happy.

A clean house...even though I dislike cleaning. Thank goodness for kids. hahaha

Now it is your turn. The following people are tagged.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Visiting My Site

Please if you visit my site, I would love for you to leave a short comment. It doesn't have to be much, just enough that I know someone cares about us and what we are putting up on our blog. Just say "Hi". I am not asking for much, yet I am very desperate. Thanks for stopping by and come back again.

Our Dog Nemo

Yes, you say it looks like a fish, yet he is really a dog! Don't let the fins, scales, swimming in the water, etc confuse you. We got our dog last month at a wedding reception. We started out with a fish, fish bowl and rocks. It turned into a dog, plant, "cave home" and tons of food. This so called "fish" is a finicky eater. We bought the Betta flakes...he would only eat the brine shrimp in it. I bought "baby shrimp", we would eat that sometimes and sometimes not, then I heard about pellets and blood worms, so I bought both of these. He eats the pellets (regular food) and he LOVES the blood worms.
Now to tell you about our dog. His name is Nemo and when I call his name he comes. If I go to the other side of the bowl and call his name he will swim to the other side. He begs for his food also. He is such a "spaz". He gets so excited when I am ready to feed him.
No one can tell us that a "fish" is not entertaining!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I.D.E.A's Curriculum Fair

We finally had the curriculum fair for I.D.E.A. Trust me...I will be more prepared next year and will not procrastinate as I did this year. We had a lot of fun at the fair. Not as many people yet for the number of people there I didn't do too bad. I had some vendors and the Assistant Director suggest I go to the Fairbanks fair next year. I will also be doing some workshops next year so time to start planning now. Let me know what you think of my booth. I would love any suggestions. Next year I feel I will need two tables as I will have even more product and this year's table was pretty crowded.

Here is what we did for Eilish's hair the first day. I figured since we sell "From Egg to Chicken Life Cycle Log books", that I would put "eggs" in her hair. She was a hit that day. A couple of people asked if they could take her picture. Don't ask me why she is making that face?

The next day, about 1/2 hour before we closed down for the day, Brandon came running in saying he saw Robbie (One of our host sons). He said their bus was outside. Indeed there was a bus. I couldn't figure out why they would be at the convention center. Nephi then came running in saying they were all on the bus. I figured they would be taking off as they were performing a concert tonight here in Anchorage. Just then the BYU singers started filing into the hall. I was so shocked that they were here at the fair. They sang a song called "Little Potato" (funny song), said "Hi" and then left. I later found out from a couple of them that they were sight seeing downtown when their conductor saw the sign for the IDEA Home school Curriculum Fair. He has 9 children and they home school also, so he decided to stop the bus and check it out. He then got back on the bus and told everyone that they were going to sing a song there. Let me tell you that made all of our day. It was so good to see everyone again, let alone hear their wonderful songs. We then later on that night went to the concert. What a great day it was. Kids really enjoyed it.

(Sorry for the bad photos, my hubby took the pictures.)

Eilish, that next Sunday was at church and we were singing "How Great Thou Art". All of a sudden she started to sing the chorus. I was shocked seeing that as I didn't think she knew the words. Afterwards I asked her about it and she told me she was trying to sing like the BYU-Idaho singers. I told her she sounded just like them. Let me tell you, that girl was beaming. What a great example they are to my children. Thank you so so much.

Eilish made this frame at the Curriculum fair and when she got home, the next day, she cut out the picture of the BYU-Idaho singers from their program and glued it into her frame. Like I said, this is what an impacted the singers have made on my children.

It's Official!!!

Well it is offical! Eilish is a "big" girl now. She has passed the toddlerhood into childhood as she has lost her 1st tooth. She pulled it out herself. I was quite surprised as she wouldn't let anyone touch it.

BYU-Idaho Collegiate Singers

Oh my...we had the BYU-Idaho Collegiate Singers come to Alaska and our family was able to house two guys. We had so much fun. Wish they could of stayed longer so we could of shown them some of the sights. We did have a great time staying up all night talking. These guys (Josh and Robbie) were great examples to my children, so much that the kids decided they wanted to adopt both of them as older brothers. If you have never seen or heard of this group, go to and look up BYU-Idaho Collegiate Singers, Alaska 2009 Tour and also as lots of the songs they did are so funny.

They sang at Palmer High School on Sat. Sunday they went to church with their host families and since we had 8 singers in our ward, they sang in Sacrament. That evening they put on a wonderful Fireside.

They will be singing in Anchorage on the 24th and since we will be in Anchorage at the fair, we will go and hear them sing again (feeling like a groupy,hahaha).

Here is one of the songs they performed.

Easter Day

Here is the kids in their Easter clothes. I have been so busy with the Curriculum fair that I was lucky to just get Eilish's dress done yet at midnight I decided to quickly make ties for the boys.
Eilish said she felt like a princess. We had fun doing this hairdo.


The day before Easter the community was having a big Easter Egg Hunt. Normally I don't take the kids to something like this yet this year we did. Here is the kids collecting their eggs in the Easter egg "hunt", or as my kids put it...Easter egg grab. I will tell you, I won't do this again. My kids did not have fun.

After the Easter Egg grab, we then headed off to a Birthday party. The kids loved this as they had a live owl there. I wish I had pictures to show yet I don't. We then came home and the kids colored eggs.

I don't know what kind of "drug" Nephi was on.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Will be Blogging again soon.

Sorry about not blogging lately. Stay tune and after April 24th I will be back into blogging. Need to get through a Curriculum Fair.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mount Redoubt Erupted!

Mt Redoubt
An erupting Mount Redoubt exploded again at 4:31 this morning -- its fifth and strongest discharge yet -- sending an ash cloud to new heights, the Alaska Volcano Observatory reported. Ash has now been detected at 60,000 feet above sea level, the National Weather Service reported.
Mid-level winds are still carrying the ash plume north over the Susitna Valley, and minor ash fall has been reported in Skwentna, Willow, Trapper Creek and Talkeetna, according to the Weather Service, the Matanuska-Susitna Borough and eyewitness reports.
High-elevation winds above 40,000 feet are beginning to veer toward Anchorage, but no ash is expected to fall on Alaska's largest city at this time, Bob Hopkins, the meteorologist-in-charge of the National Weather Service office in Anchorage said.

So, here in Wasilla, we are not receiving any ash. You can't even tell the volcano blew. Mt. Redoubt is about 145 miles from Wasilla.

Mt St. Helens

Mt. St. Helens was more active then this. With Mt St. Helen, I was in Stake Conference and by the time we left, there was ash all over the cars. We had neighbors out hosing off all the cars for us. For days you had to stay indoors and if you went out you had to wear a mask and also change your car filter often.
Mt St. Helens is 53 miles northeast of Portland, Oregon.