Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our Dog Nemo

Yes, you say it looks like a fish, yet he is really a dog! Don't let the fins, scales, swimming in the water, etc confuse you. We got our dog last month at a wedding reception. We started out with a fish, fish bowl and rocks. It turned into a dog, plant, "cave home" and tons of food. This so called "fish" is a finicky eater. We bought the Betta flakes...he would only eat the brine shrimp in it. I bought "baby shrimp", we would eat that sometimes and sometimes not, then I heard about pellets and blood worms, so I bought both of these. He eats the pellets (regular food) and he LOVES the blood worms.
Now to tell you about our dog. His name is Nemo and when I call his name he comes. If I go to the other side of the bowl and call his name he will swim to the other side. He begs for his food also. He is such a "spaz". He gets so excited when I am ready to feed him.
No one can tell us that a "fish" is not entertaining!


Bergan and Jake said...

Loved this post! I'm glad to see that he went to a good home. :) Thank you for all of your help and support. You're wonderful.

Connie~ said...

Our fish is not so picky. But he loves mosquitoes. Go out and kill one then drop it into the water and you would think that he is a man eating shark! The internet said that if he gets use to eating "real" food, he would not eat the pellets, so we don't do it often. We have enjoyed our fish, "Finny" as well.